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My name is Brendan O’Brien and I am a retired beat cop from the Bronx. I was born in Charleston, South Carolina, 1943, into a humble home with a loving family. When my father passed away we had to move to the harsh environment of the Bronx to live with relatives. I was 3 years old back then and I grew up with my 2 aunts, mother, 2 siblings and 5 cousins.

Life was harsh in the Bronx. It was at the age 13 when I found myself in the middle of a robbery in a drug store when I realized that I needed to do something to change my community. So I grew up to become a top-ranking cop in the local precinct and went ahead to earn a number of honors and medals during my time of service. I served for 55 good years before I retired. I now live with my beautiful wife, Lana Kingston, in Nashville, North Carolina.



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